Architectural Skylights

Royalite Skylight Catalog

Custom Multi-lite options for residential and commercial applications. COPPER SKYLIGHTS: Are available in 32 o.z. solid copper construction for single lite skylights. Multi-lite skylights are fabricated in all sizes and configurations with exterior copper cladding and can be made with all glazing options.

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Multi-Lite Single Pitch Skylight

Multi-Lite Single Pitch Skylight Photo
Custom sizes are available to accommodate flat or sloped roofs with plumb or perpendicular curbs. A full range of glazing options includes all new energy efficient glass products. Custom sizes are available to accommodate flat or sloped roofs with plumb or perpendicular curbs. [more]

Multi-Lite Leanto Skylight

Multi-Lite Leanto Skylight Photo
These custom skylights are designed to mount and flash and seal to adjacent vertical building walls, below over-hangs or adjacent to roof plane surfaces parallel to the skylight. [more]

Multi-Lite Ridge Skylight

Multi-Lite Ridge Skylight Photo
These skylights include ridge units that continue in the roof plane or are curb mounted on flat roofs with glazed vertical or hipped ends and are also available with formed acrylic or twin wall polycarbonate. [more]

Pyramid Skylight

Pyramid Skylight Photo
Curb mount special pyramids range from four-sided pyramids to multi-sided configurations, like hexagons and octagons or multi-sided irregular shapes. Pyramids are also available in formed acrylic. [more]


Solarium/Sunroom Photo
Glass roofed room additions, patio enclosures or sunrooms can be provided with performance glass products to bring the outdoors indoors without the climate extremes of the summer or winter. Virtually clear color neutral glass products are available to control heat loss and heat gain to levels unheard of even a few years ago. [more]

Barrel Vault Skylight

Barrel Vault Skylight Photo
Cold formed single or double acrylic barrel vaults or twin wall polycarbonate glazed arch top skylights can be supplied with glazed vertical ends for skylights. Open-end units cover walkways and patios. [more]

Canopy Skylight

Canopy Skylight Photo
Glass, acrylic or polycarbonate glazed canopies are available in a full range of colors and configurations for commercial residential applications for covered entries, walkways and porte-cocheres. [more]