Barrel Vault Skylight

Barrel Vault Skylight Image

These types of skylights work well to open up hallways and corridors. They offer vaulted transparent or translucent space above and a range of arched rafters from low vaults to hemispherical skylights with glazed vertical ends. They cover building-connecting walkways and can attach to vertical walls at either or both ends. Vault radius is generally determined by other architectural conditions or aesthetic requirements.

Curb size is determined by skylight size and structural requirements. Shallow pitched or large radius arcs may require wide curbs while shorter span hemispherical vaults may not require more than a standard 2 x curb plumb to the ground with the top of the curb flat. Click here for typical hemispherical barrel vault drawings.

Architectural Skylight Specifications


Standard Design

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Low Profile Barrel Vault

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Glazing Options

The glazing selections for barrel vault skylights are limited. Bent glass glazing, in spite of considerably higher costs, offers only limited performance capabilities. Barrel vaults glazed with cold formed acrylic or polycarbonate products offer a variety of color and performance options at a more reasonable price and with comparatively short lead times.