Canopy Skylight

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A canopy is defined as a roof-like structure or cover. Our canopies generally cover entryways, walkways or outdoor areas without perimeter walls. A wood or steel framework provides the structure and the Royalite frame supports the glass, acrylic or polycarbonate glazing. Always popular in shopping malls, hotels entries or over commercial entryways, the canopy has become a fashionable way to dress up homes where the front or back porch is uncovered.

Architectural Skylight Specifications


Standard Design

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Glazing Options

Canopy glazing is typically translucent, but a full range of glazing selections is available with the same options and limitations as apply to other skylights.

Standard glass make-up is with insulated glass to limit heat loss and performance tinted or low-e glass products to control heat gain where required. Translucent or pattern glass is available if more diffused lighting is desired. All glass units are provided with code compliant exterior panels of tempered safety glass and interior panes of laminated safety glass. This combination also provides the maximum protection from ultraviolet light.