Multi-Lite Leanto Skylight

Multi-Lite Leanto Skylight Image

These skylights are attached and are flashed to a vertical wall at the head and may be curbed on two or three sides or may be jambed at an adjacent wall. The head typically fastens to or may sit on a ledger and counter flashing is provided by the contractor. Structural supports are required around the perimeter regardless of the attachment conditions.

Leanto-type skylights lend themselves to a variety of specialty applications and may accommodate unusual roof design and framing conditions. Skylight slope options vary from the minimum required to drain to slopes exceeding 12" in 12".

Architectural Skylight Specifications


Standard Design

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Glazing Options

Standard glass make-up is with insulated glass to limit heat loss and performance tinted or low-e glass products to control heat gain where required. Translucent or pattern glass is available if more diffused lighting is desired. All glass units are provided with code compliant exterior panels of tempered safety glass and interior panes of laminated safety glass. This combination also provides the maximum protection from ultraviolet light.