Green Skylight Energy Performance

Green Skylight Energy Performance

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A wide range of energy performance options are available for all standard and custom glass skylights. Our low profile, curb mount single lite glass skylight also provides the maximum of allowable clear vision area.

Skylights are available in three standard color frames, bronze, white and silver as well as a factory mill finish. A full range of custom colors is also available to match your sample.

All product performance specifications and test results are those of the original manufacturer of each individual product and are incorporated into the skylight as the components used for some of the best performance characteristics available in the industry.

Energy Performance Characteristics

The "Royalite Skylight" can provide the best available complete energy package along with the maximum possible light opening to re-vitalize the dark areas of any home by introducing natural light while keeping all of the elements at bay.

Highest light transmission energy performer
Only 79% of visible light is transmitted through standard clear insulated windows. Low-e glazing transmits nearly 70% of all visible light because it utilizes a color neutral low emisivity coating to provide optimum energy performance with what appears to be clear glass.

Best insulation value to keep out the cold
Heat loss is minimized by the use of one-inch thick insulated, coated, dehydrated air spaced glass that provides a 3.45 R value. The "low e" coating reflects heat back into the house to retain the warm interior air. Royalite low-e glazing insulated performance is comparable to the highest rated windows available in the residential or commercial window market at a Winter Nighttime "U" value of 0.29.

Minimizes unwanted heat gain from summer sun
Heat gain can be reduced to as low as one third of the heat normally transmitted through standard window glass by the use of the latest glass technology as produced by PPG and Cardinal, just two of the several major glass producers providing low-e options. Royalite uses these high performance, wave length selective, coated glass products engineered to reflect unwanted heat gain without the use of dark tints or highly reflective coatings.

Less glare than clear glass
A 15% reduction in light transmission is in effect also a 15% reduction of unwanted glare from the sun, from water or any other nearby annoying exterior reflective surface. This is done without the use of a tinted or reflective surfaced glass. Clear window glass has a 15% outdoor reflectance. Low-e glass is less reflective than standard window glass with an outdoor reflectance of only 12%.

Lets in less sound than the walls
The sound reduction capabilities for the Royalite skylight at the center of glass, as tested by the original vinyl manufacturer, is designated in the industry as an STC 40. This Sound Transmission Classification simply translated means that the glass is a better sound barrier than a standard residential interior wall.

Blocks 99% of the ultra violet rays of the sun
The primary cause of fading in all furniture and furnishings, at about 60%, is the invisible, ultra violet rays of the sun. The Royalite glass skylight contains components developed to eliminate 99% of Ultra Violet Rays below 380 nanometers that have 50 times greater damage potential than visible light at 500 nanometers.

Tempered and laminated safety glazing
All Royalite skylights are glazed with tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass, both are tested to meet impact requirements for doors and sidelights and are permanently labeled by the manufacturer to meet all Safety Glazing Code Requirements. Because of the polyvinyl interlayer of the laminated glass, broken glass will not fall out of the skylight weather broken by man or storm or earthquake or other act of god.

Can provides security protection
Glass is available for Royalite skylights capable of providing protection against burglary and forced entry with the use of a combination of tempered safety glass in conjunction with tempered two-ply laminated architectural glass with an .060 polyvinyl interlayer. Its resistance to forced entry will meet Underwriters Laboratory Test UL972.

Extended life silicone sealed insulated glass
The insulated glass components are made with a primary moisture seal of polyisobutelene to seal -in the dehydrated air space. A secondary structural silicone seal is applied to glue the two pieces of glass together. This structural silicone is the strongest and most UV stable glass sealant on the market. This combination provides a dual-seal insulated unit for the most reliable and longest lasting insulated glass available.

Able to provide hurricane protection
Stringent standards have been established for glass products to protect homeowners from flying objects in areas subject to hurricane force winds. Glazing is available that will withstand winds in excess of one hundred miles per hour and will meet SBCCI and SSTD12 test standards to resist Small Missile Impacts from Windborne Debris in Hurricanes.

Can provide snow load capacity
Royalite Single Lite skylights can be designed for true tough climate applications with a snow load capacity of up to 300 pounds per square foot on skylights from virtually flat roofs to steep slopes. Structural curbs and roof design must be prepared to accommodate the skylight that is designed for 2x curbs built perpendicular to the roof slope or plumb to the ground.

Lifetime warranties
"The Royalite Single Lite Skylight" has a Lifetime Waterpruf Warranty to the original owner and is guaranteed not to leak. Curb construction, roofing and flashing are the responsibility of the installer. The Insulated Glass Seal Warranty is for ten years from date of purchase to the original owner.