Multi-Lite Single Pitch Skylight

Multi-Lite Single Pitch Skylight Image

These skylights are generally curbed around the entire perimeter and may be on flat or sloped roofs. The curbs may be standard 2 x or 4 x material roofed and flashed. Curb size is determined by skylight size and structural requirements. Curbs may be perpendicular to the roof or plumb to the ground. In steep pitched conditions or beyond a four in twelve pitch the plumb curb is desirable. To view standard details click here to see single pitch drawings.

Multi-lite single pitch skylights may be glazed with formed acrylic domes or acrylic pyramids with individual lite size limitations established by the material or forming capability maximums. Flat structured polycarbonate sheet is available where flat plastic skylight glazing is required.

Architectural Skylight Specifications



Glazing Options

Multi-lite single pitch glass skylights are available with glass products offering a wide range of performance capabilities and colors. They are limited in size by the weight and strength of the glass used. Large individual lites require stronger, heavier and more expensive glass products.

Standard glass make-up is with insulated glass to limit heat loss and performance tinted or low-e glass products to control heat gain where required. Translucent or pattern glass is available if more diffused lighting is desired. All glass units are provided with code compliant exterior panels of tempered safety glass and interior panes of laminated safety glass. This combination also provides the maximum protection from ultraviolet light.